The Red Tails cast

Hello and welcome to Red Tails.
This is a swashbuckling tale of intrigue, murder and deceit, that all begins
with the chance meeting of two red tails.

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Enola and Raoud

A hot-headed assassin from the northlands, Enola is focused on her own secret mission. At least… she was until some smirking thief took her stuff. Despite being a fox, Enola seems strangely unaccustomed to fox customs or clothing.

Raoud on the other hand has a great fondness for fine clothing and the good things in life – so long as he gets them for free. A sly womanizer who is fast running out of friends, Raoud is quite taken with the deadly Enola. He might even survive her if he keeps his paws clear of her purse…



Raoud’s trusty sidekick, and the only one he seems to care for. Little Lou is an innocent street-urchin, whom Raoud is corrupting and using as a bag for stolen goods.
He may be slow, but Louggage is fiercely loyal and determined.



Raoud’s former best friend, and now his fiercest rival. Stryke is a bruiser for the Skulkers, a merchant Guild of the city of Mafekin that is little more than a gang of thugs. Raoud left the Skulkers a short time ago, and Stryke is determined to punish him for that betrayal.

The Felinious Family

Mr and Mrs Felinious run ‘The Curled Whisker’, a well respected inn and tavern (and hub for smuggling). While Mr Felinious is a cat of few words, his wife is boisterous and alarmingly friendly. Young Viola is a clever but conceited teenager, with a violent streak and BIG crush on Raoud.