Hey everybody

Katie and I have been kicking around the idea of providing people with a more visceral way they can support and spread the word about Red Tails.
Or in simpler terms: We wanna do merch!

Obviously a book will be in the works at some point. A compilation of the story thus far brought together in high-tactile and low-bandwidth ‘paper’. Possibly with content exclusive to the print version to entice the otherwise tight-fisted into parting with some of their hard-earned cash.
But that’s still miles off yet.

In the meantime we’re wondering if anyone would be interested in other forms of merch such as t-shirts, buttons, mugs and suchlike.

If you happen to be so inclined, just leave a comment after this post explaining (briefly) what kind of merch you’d be interested in. (Before anyone asks Furry porn will not be accepted or even considered,  Disapproval ) You have been warned.