Hi all,
As you’ve probably all noticed, I’m sticking with my Friday once-a-week update schedule for the time being. I’m both glad and sad about this, because it means I’m getting loads of work from my freelance animation career, but poor ol’ Red Tails isn’t getting as much of my tender loving care as it used to. Still, I’ll be updating once a week, and have no intention of stopping. Ever. Far too much fun.
I’ll see how things are looking after June, and the decide whether I’ll change the update sign on the website banner, or pick up the comic-making pace again.

Blacksad Face

Don't mess with this face

In other, more inspirational news, I’ve just finished reading Blacksad, an absolutely brilliant anthro noir series. By brilliant I mean staggeringly brilliant: great artwork; a mean and charismatic hard-boiled-detective as main character; and some rollicking plot lines, which can be both hilarious and tragic. (The stories are actually very moving, which is a rare and precious thing in any media.)

Anyway, enough fawning. There’s a good review here, and I’d encourage anybody to buy the hardcover book published by Dark Horse.