Yarr! Meself and Ian, that fine specimen of a swashbuckler, are gettin’ hitched!
Not only that, but as yer can see it be a piratey flavoured wedding, with much yo-hoing and rum drinkin’ and clashing of blades.
This-mega-party-organising be the reason I’m a bit tardy with the old updates, but no doubt ye’ll forgive me and accept these glorious images (taken by Robert Coppa) as a fair compensation.


The Pirate Queen and her Ladies of Fortune


The Dread Pirate Ian, flanked by friends and foe


Ambush! The Dread Pirate crew fall for the trap, and feel cold steel tickle their necks...

More photos to come, but I best go now and stuff dribbly candles into old rum bottles – finer candelabras ye’ll ne’er find!

PS, Let’s give other artist their due praise: Headpieces and makeup by Viktoria Novak, and the gorgeous corsets made by Michelle at Damsel In This Dress.