Good news everyone!

Katie and I are taking Red Tails to our first convention. As the title suggests we will be at SupaNova in Sydney from June 15-17. We will be sharing booth Q3 with the ACT Comic meet who will be promoting the wonderful ‘Beginnings’ comic anthology (which Katie also provided a submission for). We are putting together several prints of your favourite Red Tails characters for sale and we’d like your help in deciding what the designs should be.

So far we have two definite designs for prints but they both feature Raoud, so unless your idea is awesomely original we’re full up on Raoud. Other designs we’re looking at is the cover from Ch 05: The Heist and Enola’s Rocketeering Adventure (see Below)

Katie is also looking at doing some new art for the Wolves and the Rabbits, but if anyone has something they’d really like to see in a print let us know Katie is willing to bow to the masses on this one and that doesn’t happen often.