Yo! It’s been forever I know.
I’ve wrote the following in a comments thread but figured I’d broadcast it here too.
It’s been ages since we’ve updated, and I could tell you the usual weepy story of artists everywhere – life is busy in the best wonderful, wierd-new-opportunities-sense.
Honestly I’ve had a blast the last couple of months getting into the mythbusters animation, and doing fun arty things I never had the time for when I was trying to do enough freelance stuff to stay alive (ergo, every waking hour of the day!) I think I’ll put up an ‘excuses’ blog post once I’ve done the next comic, so at the very least you can see more art and some of the other cool artists I’ve worked with.

But I do have a duty to you faithful readers, and I’ve felt a little nagging guilt and shame with every passing week without a new post πŸ™
I’m at the line art stage of the new page right now, so the full colored update will be up by Friday.

I’ll let you in on a little secret too… I’ve been putting things into place to animate a part of the Red Tales saga. I won’t let on too much, but after the Mafekin story arc, be prepared for a new kind of update πŸ™‚

Thanks, as always, for your patience and enjoyment of our beloved baby, RedTails.