Hey everyone.

Just in case we have a reader that hasn’t seen the need to check out Penny Arcade TV yet, I have good news: There is a reality show on the internets right now that isn’t all about watching arrogant people fail and flip out.
Penny Arcade teamed up with my favourite online sketch comedy act, Loading Ready Run to produce Strip Search. The show is basically America’s next top webcomic artist. It follows the usual reality TV show format of throwing 12 webcomic artists in a house and making them compete with each other in a variety of interesting challenges, including an elimination round between two artists every three episodes to slowly whittle them down to one contestant.


What’s really interesting about this show is the lack of executive meddling. The contestants were selected purely on their artistic merits, not because the producers wanted someone to be the bitch and someone to be the arrogant elitist. Which comes out in the show, everyone is having fun in the competitions, none of the contestants enjoy the opportunity to put any of their peers up for elimination. Tycho and Gabe even jokes about it. ‘You mean to tell me our efforts to create a high-stress, competitive environment have resulted in some kind of artists commune?’


When almost every other reality show is about bitches voting the people they hate off the island or master chiefs turning their nose up at an amateur’s cooking or Gordon Ramsey going ballistic at someone it’s nice to know that when you step away from the TV execs pandering to the lowest aspects of our culture that there are still people willing to be nice to each other even as they compete professionally.

It’s on Penny Arcade TV on their website and their youtube channel. If you’re not already on it, check it out.

Ian (Hey look, the writing guy actually wrote something).