While it might not be quite this crowd’s scene, I’d like everyone to know I’m writing a novel.

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It’s a cyberpunk story. So I can imagine that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if anyone here happens to like their humanoid sci-fi as well as their anthro fantasy, this is also on the table.

Basic story is we’ve got two international thieves who go by the handles of Dust and Tachi. They’ve just pulled off the heist of the century and stolen the world’s first truly sentient artificial intelligence.
Now all they have to do is live long enough to deliver it to their buyers. Pity Tachi’s relatives, a ruthless cabal of cyborg assassins calling themselves ‘Righteous Chrome Fist’ have been contracted to retrieve the A.I.

It’s more ‘the Matrix’ than ‘Neuromancer’. But if anyone here has a taste for hard sci-fi I’d really like to hear your opinions on what I’ve got, particularly if I’ve got something wrong.

One thing I do stress is that this is just a first draft, so feedback is very much appreciated. I’ve written a lot more chapters than the five currently online, so for the next little while weekly updates are guaranteed.

Hope everyone likes it, please read and review.