Bit of filler art, this one. I spent a long weekend on it though, as a farewell gift to Mike, artist of No Dice, who is leaving his now-very-sad Aussie friends, back his home in Oregon.

‘Pub-Sketch’ is what me and my comicly inclined mates do every month (and every Monday too, although that’s more like ‘Chocolate-Cafe-Sketch’). From left to right, the disciples around our departing messiah are… Sam Cavanagh (who has a slight tiny obsession with Dr Strange. We forgive him), ME! with the ears (since I often draw Red Tails at the meet, I think it only appropriate), the Mike himself, Emma of the beautiful red coat, and Rob Perrie who despite having a very cool, minimalist style still doesn’t put much art online. For shame.

Oh! I nearly forgot Ben, the pony. Heh heh. He looks so cuuuuute in purple!

We’ll all miss  you very much, Mike, but you’re not the messiah. You’re just a very naughty boy.